Information on Skjern Bank A/S

Skjern Bank is a strong locally based bank with close relations to its customers, and we have a long tradition for servicing corporate and private customers mostly in the west / south western part of Denmark.

General Information
Legal name and address: Skjern Bank A/S
Banktorvet 3
DK 6900 Skjern
Legal form Commercial bank - Limited (A/S)
Principal place of business Banktorvet 3, DK 6900 Skjern
Date established 7th February 1906
Registered in Denmark
Banking License Yes
Tax identification Number 45801012
Shares listed on OMX Nordic Stock Exchange Copenhagen
Share Capital DKK 192,800,000
Contact Person Financial Institution Relationship Mads Lindbjerg, foreign manager
Phone +45 96 82 13 54
Helle Frøjk Laugesen, foreign assistant
Phone + 45 96 82 13 98
Ownership & Management information
Main Business areas Agriculture, industry, retail, Transport, Real Estate and private clients
Ownership details

16.682 shareholders by the 30th September 2016.
 AP Pension, DK-Copenhagen owns 20,75 % of the share capital as well as 5 % of the voting rights  

No other individual own 5 % or more of the share capital.

Board of Directors

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen, Attorney, DK

Bjørn Jepsen, Farmer, DK
Deputy Chairman

Niels Erik Kjærgaard, former municipal director , DK
Board Member

Finn Erik Kristiansen, director, DK
Board Member

Lars Skov Hansen, Senior Bank Clerk, DK
Board Member, elected by the employees

Michael Tang Nielsen, Liquidity Manager, DK
Board Member, elected by the employees

Carsten Jensen, Senior Bank Clerk, DK
Board Member, elected by the employees

Chief Executive Per Urban Munck
Phone +45 96 82 13 00
Mobile + 45 21 73 30 04
Responsible for AML Anders Lauridsen
Phone +45 96 82 13 06
Responsible for Compliance Anders Lauridsen
Phone +45 96 82 13 06
Supervisory The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
Internal Audit Brian Blavnsfeldt
Phone +45 96 82 13 08
Auditors PriceWaterhouseCoopers, PwC Denmark
General Meeting March
Annual Report 31st December
Governance Codex Yes
Governing Laws
Regulations against Money Laundering Complies with FATF’s recommendations
USA PATRIOT Act Certification provided by us Yes
Source Law Debenture Corporate Services Inc, New York